EGPA 8 The Kitchen...
Contemporary Kitchens...
And if you gave it its own style? Modern,
This kitchen has a contemporary style,
clean lines make this magnificient kitchen.
with its faces in a bright, glossy burgundy,
Bathed in light, it is composed of textured
equipped with structured wood finishes.
oak and pure glossy lacquer. Its finishes
Functional and ergonomic, this is a
are in stainless steel and polished nickel.
kitchen that has room to move around,
Only three colors are needed to give it tre-
and offers a multitude of ingenious
mendous class: black, white, and taupe. A
storage spaces!
round central island, practical and social,
Drawers, sliding cabinets, nooks, and
shelters the cooktop on one side, and a
shelves, there is plenty of space to store
raised surface for welcoming guests on
dishes and pans.
the other. The cabinetry blends oval and
The central island forms a big block contai-
rectangular shapes, and textures, from po-
ning the sink, cooktop, a large workspace,
lished Indian black granite to delicately vei-
and a breakfast nook, the ideal spot to
ned marble. The transparent modern hood
grab a snack.
becomes almost invisible in this contem-
A spacious kitchen, where you imagine
porary, practical kitchen, which overflows
yourself concocting your best recipes, with
with lovely cabinets and smart storage.
children playing in a corner of the room.
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