EGPA 68 Andrée Putman...
Between break-up and reconciliation, the hand of Andrée P
For luxury hotels, Andrée Putman did not
drée Putman made sure that everything
seek to reproduce a home away from
was perfect in the hotels she put her
home, but rather a separate place, with
name to. The service, discrete, attentive
a unique soul, that you are pleased to
but translating personality, the morning
discover, and rediscover, precisely be-
sunbeams to awake the guests, many
cause it is totally different from home.
towels in the bathroom, every detail
"The hotels that I design want to at-
had to come together in order to com-
tract a clientele that is modern, spoiled,
plete her creation. Between break-up
sensitive to style, open to innovation,
and continuity, Andrée Putman created
and ready for a completely new expe-
the precise balance between well-being
rience." Beyond designing spaces, An-
and discovery.
Sheraton Roissy
The Grand Dame, as she was sometimes known, lived her life like an artwork. Incredibly
styled, refined, dressed in custom-made clothes by Azzedine Alaïa or Yves Saint Laurent, often
in black, she stood upright, haughty, and had a sensitive, intense outlook on life. Art and the
art of living were one and the same to her. Through her creations, her beautiful, correct way
of speaking, she delivered us this formula, tinged with philosophy and inviting everyone to
free, spontaneous expression: "What is style? One and only one viewpoint."