EGPA 66 Andrée Putman...
renewing codes...
Andrée Putman spent many years desi-
white saucer, "to keep the ashes from
gning for silversmith Christofle, who
falling, and so you don't take yourself
wanted to renew its style codes. Their
too seriously."
col aboration began with a ring. A symbol
Joyful, sensitive to happiness, Andrée Put-
of memory, it would guide the entire line
man revolutionized the lives of the resi-
of jewelry, cutlery, and objects.
dents of the homes she designed, offe-
round, simple white shapes left room for
ring them a free vision of space utilization.
reminiscing when tasting a hot chocolate.
For one private client in Spain, she imagi-
The pieces designed, with their perfect
ned a place of shadows and light.
proportions and impeccable materials,
A dark alcove for a bedroom, a living
evoke the sensuality of simple beauty.
room with indirect lighting, and a kitchen
Here again, there was no room for unne-
and bathroom bathed in light.
cessary flourishes.
The bathroom, dear in the artist's eyes,
When Andrée Putman was asked to
evoked the sensuality of Greco-roman
design an ashtray, she created a simple
Christofle Vertigo