EGPA 64 Andrée Putman...
A very personal definition of luxury...
Born in 1925, her father was a graduate of
her choices, autonomously, she gave it her
the Ecole Normale Superieur who spoke
own personal definition: "Luxury, for a de-
seven languages, and her mother was a
signer, is also this free mood that makes
concert pianist, and Andrée Putman grew
it possible to get rid of the signs pres-
up in a demanding, artistic environment.
ented as the archetypes of luxury, in order
She acquired the strictness and precision
to prepare a free and individual blend as
of perception. Her mother wanted her to
precious as it will always be unique." At
have the career she had dreamed about
the Blue Spa, Andrée Putman designed a
for herself. In her childhood years, she
sports, fitness, and spa center at the top
dedicated her time to studying the piano
of Munich's Bayerischer Hof Hotel. She
and to attending concerts. When she was
designed an open-air swimming pool,
told in 1948, after receiving First Harmony
with a retractable cover, where the play
Prize from the National Conservatory of
of golden light intensified the depth of
Paris, that she would have to dedicate ten
the International Klein Blue. Large, twisted
years of her life if she wanted to become a
lamps rise up along the poolside, like gods
composer, she decided to end her career
and goddesses. Mosaics in blue, black,
as a pianist, and became a messenger for
and gold glass sparkle and make the light
Femina magazine. Luxury, the demand for
come alive. For Guerlain, she renovated a
beauty and quality, would stay with her
registered Haussmann building, which she
throughout her career, but, free to make
adorned with modernity and elegant light.
Blue Spa, Muncih, 2005, © Deidi Von Schaewen