EGPA 62 Andrée Putman...
Complete spaces that can take on the
personality of their occupants...
In her esthetic approach, Andrée
materials, and colors are some kind of
Putman wanted to achieve "omnipre-
writing. Light outlines spaces. I love the
sence of disappearance." She decorated
magical effect when it is filtered." Andrée
the overloaded with her spareness, but
Putman did not think of herself as a de-
her creations were not uncluttered. She
corator. She did not impose a definite
searched for the right line, the design of
style, but drew the portrait of the future
a complete space, obvious to those who
occupants of the spaces she designed.
visit it or live there. Simple in her choices,
An admirer of human sensibilities, crea-
what she liked, she fol owed her intuition
tive personalities, she left color to the
and handled diversion in such a way that
artists. A beautiful interior develops the
her compositions, even unconventional
minds of its inhabitants; it is adorned in
ones, seem to have always been this
black, white, grey, blue or beige, with the
way. She wanted everyone "to be less
last two tones borrowed from nature. At
afraid of errors of taste." She combined
the Gildo Pastor Center in Monaco, she
the essential: order, the choice of surpri-
imagined a stairway shaped like a nec-
sing materials, and light. "Spaces, light,
klace, for the hostess.
Gildo Pastor Center, Monaco, 1996