EGPA 58 Paths & borders...
From Synthetic to Natural...
A lovely shaded patio, furnished for fa-
In reality, there is one solution people
mily lunches, an above-ground pool in
don't always consider: artificial grass.
which you can swim in total safety, a pa-
Some would say that nothing can re-
ved or gravel pathway, flowers and trees
place a natural lawn. But when the
here and there--this is the ideal picture
grass is more real than real life, why
of a yard that breathes beauty and fresh-
hesitate? Easy to instal , pleasant under
ness. There's just one thing missing: the
your feet, and maintenance free, the
lawn! Grass alone is a veritable attraction
latest artificial grasses have everything
and draws al the attention.
going for them.
A lawn that looks good al year long and
is easy to maintain, esthetic, safe for
If you have a terraced lawn installing
children and green throughout the sea-
natural stone borders makes it easy to
son, it seems almost impossible.
have a total y designer look.
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