EGPA 54 Paths & borders...
Choosing Materials...
When you have room to spare in your
symmetry, shapes and dimensions of
courtyard, it is definitely a pleasure
these materials, it is easy to be original.
to arrange it according to your taste
When selecting materials for your paths,
and desire.
several criteria should be taken into ac-
Essential for being able to walk around
count, starting with the surface you wil
outside, paths can be made of various
be working on. Then, you have to esta-
materials. The simplest way is to plant
blish a budget. Only then can you start
grass, cut it regularly, between trees,
comparing materials on the market for
shrubs, or little flower beds.
exterior construction.
More expensive than grass, concrete
Grass, pavers, or gravel, the ideal mate-
or stone pavers are another option for
rial should reconcile esthetics and ease
building pathways. By playing with the
of maintenance.
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