EGPA 52 Paths & borders...
Some greenery...
A peaceful, green corner, who wouldn't
And to keep out prying eyes, installing a
dream about having one on their pro-
fence is the best solution.
perty? In the city or in the country,
solution. But not just any fence! In addi-
people are no longer hesitating to de-
tion to being practical, the latest privacy
sign a little green space. Nothing but
panels are also designer and esthetic. If
happiness, even if you just have a few
you already have rigid panels installed
square meters. The essential thing is
in your yard, slats can be woven into
to have a bit of space to recharge your
it, to give the space a new look, while
batteries after a hard workday, al while
maintaining privacy from onlookers.
sheltered from the view of passers-by.
On balconies and patios, lovely pots
If you are lucky enough to have a cour-
with clean lines are the finishing touch
tyard, a lawn, a few deck chairs, an um-
for an exterior that is in step with the
brella, and some lamps to light up the
times. These natural terra cotta works
garden at night are enough to create a
are in current styles and wonderfully
pleasant space for relaxing.
combine tradition with innovation.
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