A Parisian by birth, Laura Gonzalez
grew up in Cannes. She loves art,
sculpture, photography, and painting,
which naturally led her to to the
Beaux-Arts School of Architecture,
where she received her degree. But
it was in various Beijing architecture
firms where she learned her craft. In
her fourth year, she did a favor for
a friend who owns a little concept
store for men. This first project was a
success, a real springboard. She then
decided to start her own business.
35 projects in 1 year, including the
cult favorite Bus Palladium, a landmark
of Parisian nightlife. From there, her
rise was dazzling, and the media can't
stop talking about her. She has 180
projects in 3 years under her belt. .
at the tender age of 28. Laura loves
her job and never stops. .Today, she
switches styles and breathes life into
modern design with an invigorating
freshness, and with astonishing ease.
Laura likes her decors to have a
history, a connecting thread.Thus
she decided, once we were barely
inside the showroom, to transport
us to the top of the world, to a tent
on a Himalayan summit. A veritable
storefront for her creativity, the visit
continued and took us to places as
eclectic as they were surprising, a
boudoir, a Chinese living room, a
child's bedroom, and a California
living room.
Visit the site: www.pierrefrey.com