EGPA 04 Agenda...
To keep your eye on !
La Rochel e
th Eco Home Show, for natural housing
and 10
th Organic Breathe Life Show
Espace Encan February 15 -17, 2013
Energy performance, environmentally-friendly materials, re-
newable energy, healthy design--all of these topics and more
will be presented at the 4
th " Eco Home" show, aimed at
making construction sustainable.
Living in an environmental y-friendly home, that's the dream
of every environmentalist and self-respecting citizen ! And it's
possible.Natural housing means healthy construction through
the use of healthy materials (wood, brick, natural insulation,
etc.), an environmentally-friendly attitude by saving energy
and the planet; renewable energies: solar, wind, wood, geothermal; natural finishes using
design materials, such as lime, earth, and cel ulose coatings, natural pigments and paints. .
Close to 70 exhibitors are expected at the show.
Nantes Design Show
at La Trocardière de Rezé February 15-18, 2013
Design inside and out: both worlds await visitors to the
rd Design Show.
12,000 visitors are expected to both spaces dedica-
ted to interior and exterior design. From planning to
household linens, from arts and crafts to design, from
the kitchen to the bathroom, including designing green
spaces, furniture, and plants, close to 130 exhibitors will
be presenting a range of current products and services
adapted to al types of projects.