A Dutch designer born in 1922, Friso
Kramer is the son of architect
Piet Kramer. He played a significant
role in the development of Hol and's
national style, from the 1940s to
today. His ideas have constantly help
to drive the modern Dutch esthetic.
Friso Kramer began his career as an
industrial designer in
1948 with De Cirkel, maker of steel
furniture. In the
1950s, he was part of the " Goed
Wonen " (Good Living) group,
dedicated to restoring or reestablishing
the quality of life in the war-torn
country. In 1953, he created the
"revolt Chair" for Ahrend, a popular
icon of the new Dutch style presented
at the Triennale di Milano in 1954.
Now, at the age of 90, Friso Kramer
is very much
in the news in the Netherlands. In
late November, the Stedelijk Museum
in Amsterdam paid homage to him,
and Yvonne Brentjens' book, "De
Stoel van Friso Kramer / Friso Kramer's
Chair " has just been reissued in
English and in Dutch.The exhibition at
Catherine Houard Gal ery with "Friso
Kramer rEVOLT," Catherine Houard
presents the first exhibition in Paris
dedicated to the master of Dutch
Design, Friso Kramer, in honor of
his 90th birthday.
Visit the site: www.catherinehouard.com