EGPA 26 Wall coverings...
Wood: practical, esthetic, and in style...
The current trend is back to natural.
to span time without a single wrinkle,
And what's more natural than wood? If
it's wood.
there is one material that has been able
Many designers are putting their know-
how to work for this noble
material with a bright
future ahead of it. Wood
is at the center of every
attention, and is no longer
content to just dress the
floor or ceiling.
This material is the sub-
ject of very advanced
research in decoration to
adorn walls. Whether it is
for a cabana feel, a chic or
contemporary style, wood
goes with everything.
Depending on the de-
cor desired, you can use
paneling with a smooth
planed finish, brushed,
raw, varnished or painted
It's your choice!
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Decoration, above al , is a question of imagination. Personalizing your wal s your-
self, there is nothing more fun and pleasant! On rough paneling, with brush or saw
marks, let your imagination and desires run wild, choosing your preferred stains
and colors. In addition to being practical, painting your own walls is economical
too. It's your turn to play!