EGPA 22 Wall coverings...
Fabrics and wal paper: exoticism like a dream...
Having an interior that breaths the scent
now starting to get off the beaten path,
of vacations, invites you to travel and
in a quest for adventure and revery.
get away, we al dream of that. The big
From floral motifs to geometric prints,
names of fashion and design have tur-
everything is on the table.
ned their attention to this desire for the
far-off. Their solution? Offering us wall
Another covering that is making quite
coverings tinged with exoticism and big
a splash i decoration, fabric is peerless
on color.
when it comes to giving charm to our
Although wallpaper has long besieged
interiors: provencal motif, multicolor
interiors in a quest for originality, we are
mosaic, embroidered looks...
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