EGPA 20 Wall coverings...
Some texture for a volume effect...
How do you give a room the impres-
To illuminate any room in the
sion of space or depth? If you can't
house, glass mosaics are attrac-
undertake major renovations, the best
tive because of their translucent
bet is the visual effect of wal coverings.
side that easily catches the light.
No more tiles without character! Tiles
Instal ed on painted aluminun sheets,
are more design than ever, and offer a
they let you play with colors.
great relief effect.
Concrete is also one of these materials
Sandstone ceramic tiles imitate other
that have revolutionized the decoration
materials, are found in different formats
world. Polished or stained, it is both
and colors, for a firmly modern ambiance.
esthetic and environmental y-friendly.
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