EGPA 14 The Kitchen...
...and minimalist kitchens
For people who do not want the bulk of a
laminate cube with flat or glossy shellac
large kitchen, or who don't have enough
finish, available in a multitude of colors.
room, a new trend is here.
Esthetic, it will blend into your home's
The minimalist style of this urban Cube,
decor, regardless of its style. It can form a
shocking at first, won us over in the end.
central island in an open kitchen, or the
This is a kitchen measuring just 1m3
entire kitchen itself in a small apartment.
or 2m3 yet it is fully equipped and has
Wherever you place it, it wil al ow you to
many storage features. It al comes in a
maximize space and wil amaze you with
its ingenuity.
Choose your kitchen ap-
pliances carefully! You will
be using them everyday,
like this elegant cooktop. Its
clean forms, frame, and mas-
sive matching stainless-steel
control buttons make it a
particularly design element.
Its cutting edge technology
allows you to combine dif-
ferent cooking methods.
It offers great resistance with
its brass burners equipped
with cast-iron grates, featuring
twelve dif erent power levels.
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Clean design for the stainless steel hood, which illuminates the work area and
removes steam and smoke. Discreet, it attaches directly to the ceiling and is so
quiet you will forget it's there. Its filter-saturation light lets you know when it is
time to change filters. The unit is effective and combines air evacuation and recir-
culation functions.