EGPA 12 The Kitchen...
Kitchens without Borders...
We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, al
And if you cook in your living room? For
the more reason to combine the useful
more comfort and well-being, the floor-
and pleasant and opt for ergonomics!
plan has been totally reworked in the
The kitchen workspace, in Corian or la-
kitchen, where borders no longer exist.
minate, carves a soft, harmonious curve.
The lacquered faces in a glossy white,
The cabinetry, its glossy black lacquer
dressed with wood, create a warm and
finish has an undulating form. It al gives
pleasant ambiance. The built-in ap-
off a certain sensuality that warms the
pliances look lovely alongside large, func-
space, with the black and white creating
tional cabinets. A ceiling hood cleans the
a contrast that is so chic! The placement
air above an induction cooktop mounted
is wel thought-out, between nooks and
flush with the countertop. The lines and
rounded shelves, cabinets, and drawers.
volumes are very structured, in this mo-
Imagine how nice it must be to have
dern kitchen with uncluttered esthetic.
a drink, seated comfortably atop one
Just behind the large wooden bar, the
of the large stools, in this very original
living room elegantly blends with the rest
of the space. This social living space
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