Cabinet & Payment Peripherals
For the gaming application, the most popular form of payment for EGM's include bill acceptor and coin
acceptor/hopper. As cashless payment become mainstream, ticket printers (TITO) are becoming industry
standard for quick payments and new marketing channel to enhance interaction with players in real time. In
addition, we have strategic partnership with the manufacturers of payment peripherals and cabinet which
provides our customers a total solution service that meets time-to-market requirements.
Slot Machine
22 inch dual screen and twin door cabinet
Polished chroming or gloss black
Reliable and high security platform
Embedded with ergonomic design
Available player tracking panel
Universal card reader bracket
24/7 setting with multi-denomination
Player information display support
Modular design offers a variety of functionality
Foil liquid-proof
Severe LED lights with 24-bit color depth offer
various illumination effects
Infra-red proximity sensor to detect approaching player
Biometric fingerprint identification increases the security