Industrial Feature
Taking care of your needs is our ultimate goal. Our products
Grade Validation
are of industrial grade and carry a long-life support of over
7 years which turns into a reliable product accompanied by
High Flexibility and
Customization Service
our extensive experience on component EOL and substitute
7+ Years Long
We have accumulated experience in the ever-changing
Life Span Support
environment of the gaming industry for over 10 years. Our deep
knowledge includes successful partnerships with worldwide top
tier players in slot, roulette, jackpot, lottery, and other gaming
applications. Our mutual collaboration will generate deep
know-how in the industry and stay ahead of the game.
Total Solution
Having a solid knowledge about the gaming industry, Portwell is
the right place where you can find a wide array of solutions and
services in order to build your desired end-product.
Panel Solution
Player Tracking
OS Service
Logic Box
Logic Board