Why Are People Using E-brochure

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What is an E-brochure?
E-brochure, a digital version of paper brochure, can be distributed, delivered, browsed via internet. It is a internet pamphlet of your products and services.
You can create e brochure for your business, for a special event, or your organization. With e brochure, you can send information about your products and services, newsletter, annual report to your employees, customers or prospects. E brochure is the new trend of digital publishing. With some e brochure software, you can add multi-media such as Flash Animations, sounds, and videos, etc. to rich your content, and you can publish your e brochure with 3D page flip effect.

Why use E-brochures?
An e-brochure can help you reach last –minute customers, whose who have known your product and haven’t take an order; you can also send your brochure to the distant customers all over the world via internet.

Advantages of an E-brochure:

  • Interactivity: Some e publishing software can allow you create e brochure from PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, etc with interactive facilities like videos, images and logos, you can also add links to some appropriate positions. People can turn your e brochure just like reading an actual book, they can view the videos and listen the sound, click on links to your website. 
  • A wide range of distribution: Your e brochure can be distributed to anyone in the world. Anyone can view your e brochure at any time via internet access through any devices such as Tablets, PCs, iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices.
  • Low cost: Lower business costs by reducing or eliminating paper publishing and distribution. Once your digital brochure created, you can be distributed to any number of people without other additional costs.
  • Track with Analytics: With the track function of some digital publishing tool, you can measure and track all reader behavior, such as total visits of your brochure, and the time people spent on your pages, link clicks, etc. These data are helpful for your marketing decision.

Actually, you can send anything at any time with internet access. So, don’t wait for others to access your website to understand your product or service, take the initiative, sent a rich content e brochure to the customers by e-mail, this will increase your potential customer market share.

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