Tutorial to Create Your Own E-Book in an Excellent Way

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There is no denying the fact that E-books have gained in wide popularity for readers and writers alike, it’s chiefly due to its convenience for both sides. In other words, rather than going to the library or waiting for postal delivery of a book ordered online, an increasing number of readers now prefer to purchase e-books (electronic books), since that they want them as soon as possible.


Relatively speaking, one major convenience for writers is that they’re able to write a book and have it published online and selling from their own website but not typically through the traditional and prolonged publishing process.

1. First format your existing MS Word files into a book friendly format as you like. Provided that you don’t have eBook creating software you can download flipping book software free from the Internet such as XFLIP.com. The remarkable quality of the powerful software is the fact that it supports batch converting Adobe PDF files, Office document files (PowerPoint, Word, Excel), Image files to stunning digital flipbooks easily.

2. Do some “Design” and “Setting” jobs. It’s very necessary for you to make sure that the page layout, spacing, paragraphs beginnings, and page numbers, table of contents, and index, have all been given a professional finish.

3. Click the “Preview” to check that the book appears as you want it to. After all setting finished, just begin to publish them directly or email to friends or potential book reviewers. Or you could also use the “mobile version” to tailor the formatting of your book to accommodate the iPad and Kindle.

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