Popular Online Christmas Stories for Children

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Christmas is a truly magic holiday, especially for those children. The vast majority of kids would like to listen to the Christmas stories in the buildup to the day itself. Luckily, there’re a great many websites online that develop a wide range of Christmas stories so that you could share happiness together with your little ones.

Meanwhile, the Christmas holiday is generally a time for sharing traditions and celebrations with the whole family. Christmas holiday turned storytelling into as an art form once again, and kids are no exception. You may also find that many of these popular stories have also been made into seasonal movies. Here we would like to list some of popular websites online about Christmas stories.

Story Nory
The website storynory.com is characterized by its many kinds of Christmas stories that are specially designed to offer the kids entertainment and education. The website is distinguished from other websites of similar level by its written versions of their stories, along with audio recordings of the stories so that children can listen and enjoy. Apart from that, it also contains those classic Christmas tales such as “The Elves and the Shoemaker” and “The Nutcracker.”

North Pole
Another popular website is northpole.com, which includes a wide range of Christmas puzzles, games and stories for children to explore. The website allows kids to navigate the village at the North Pole, visiting the toy factory, Mrs. Claus’ kitchen and, of course, Santa’s workshop. The real magic, though, is that kids are able to read the stories for themselves, or choose to hear the story read aloud so that they can follow along. And that’s not ailing, not by a long shot. There’re some printable pages at each story so that those children could be able to color to make their own storybook online.

Teaching Resources
The third famous apples4theteacher.com websites is one teacher resource website, which means that there’re large numbers of child-friendly Christmas stories. Story choices generally contain excerpts from famous Christmas stories, like “A Christmas Carol” that is a well-known story written by the famous English writer Charles Dickens. Despite the fact that “A Christmas Carol” isn’t a children’s book, there are several abridged picture book versions that might be more suitable for Christmas storytelling. More to the point, the great website also entails a separate section for Christian-themed stories that explore the story of the birth of the baby Jesus.

Besides these, if you have some Christmas stories of your own in PDF or some office files like word, PPT and many more, you could also be able to convert them to one stunning flipbook online with page-flipping effect by use XFlip digital flipbook software so that you could have one amazing viewing experience. You could also upload and share the flipbook with rich media content and flip page navigation online for easy sharing!

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