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How to Convert a PDF File to an eBook Format

It’s an undeniable fact that ebook readers are becoming highly commercialized, but before this happens, the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is always the preferred and popular format for ebooks. A large number of ebook readers now would like to demand the standardized ebook or epublication (ePub) file format. This format is now becoming increasingly […]

Launch Digital Magazine on Facebook to Enhance Marketing

No matter what industry you are in, launch digital magazine is a great idea for your marketing. Publish digital magazine means you don’t need any traditional tools, anyone can do it from anywhere, the cost is low. So what are you waiting for? You can create an e magazine about your industry and launch it […]

Make a Stunning Flip Page Brochure or Catalog for Your Company

In terms of catalogues or brochures, the extraordinary thing is that flipping page brochures could always be made by using free templates available on your desktop computer or using online tools. And just remember that xFlip provider just like other design principle simply offer users a gallery of ready-to-use templates. Some programs have already offerred […]

HTML5 Based Digital Publishing Software

In the rapid development technology community, just printing and distributing a PDF magazine to your readers is not enough. Create online magazine from PDF / Office documents that can be read on different devices would be an effective yet economical way to increase more readers. For people who don’t have any program skills, it is […]

Digital Magazine Subscription Increased In 2013

Along with the vast majority of publishers to pay close attention to the future of digital books, it is extremely easy to forget that digital magazines are a totally different format by itself. Don’t be worried, you guys are not forgotten: New figures launched Thursday shows that digital magazines have found more of an audience […]

How Does eBooks Work

Definition The word e-book had its beginning usually as writing simply for “electronic book.” And that is what e-books are: a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, distributed through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices, rather than being printed and bound as traditional books are. […]

Free Online Product e-Catalogs Maker

It is one of the most commercially certain and undeniable fact that however large or small your business is, finding the most expeditious means to display your products will increase your sales and the number of repeat customers. And facts proved that one of the best ways to show your merchandise is through an online […]

Free PDF to Word Solutions Reviews

Want to edit PDF files, but don’t want to cost more to edit? Well convert PDF to editable Microsoft Word document is a good solution. Here we list some free PDF to word solutions for your reference. Convert PDF to Word online tools There are some websites can allow you convert PDF to Word online, […]

Why Are People Using E-brochure

What is an E-brochure? E-brochure, a digital version of paper brochure, can be distributed, delivered, browsed via internet. It is a internet pamphlet of your products and services. You can create e brochure for your business, for a special event, or your organization. With e brochure, you can send information about your products and services, […]

3 Simple Steps to Select the Correct Digital Publishing Formats

Which of the format is the best digital publishing format? Theoretically, the ideal digital publishing format for your digital magazine is the one that serves your purpose best. Therefore, before committing yourself to a course of selecting one, it is most necessary to spend time on research to give you much more leverage to create […]