New Year Customs in Different Countries

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2013 Lunar New Year is coming, we are used to blessing our families and friends. In the area we serve, there are different customs to celebrate New Year, so that people can have fun and enjoy the festival.
Because the various countries locate the longitude positions are different, the various countries’ time is also different, and “New Year’s Day” also has the difference. Such as the Oceania island Tonga in the west side of the date line, it is the first country in the world to start the day, is also the first one to celebrate the New Year. Western Samoa is located in the east of the date line is the world’s latest country to start a new day.

New Year’s Day is a traditional festival of the people of all countries in the West, at this day, whether in the streets or in the urban villages, people met should bless each other and do best wishes for Spring Festival.

In Britain, at New Year’s Eve families need to clean the kitchen, to ward off evil, so that wish everybody in coming year has a peace life, good health and happiness. In some places, such as visit to the strangers on New Year’s day, had better carry a lump of coal as a New Year gift, wishes the fire of the host family are burning ever more brightly in New Year.

In Italy, at New Year’s Eve, people took to the streets, and set off fireworks and firecrackers, singing new year songs and dancing to celebrate. Midnight, some families will throw abandoned pots and pans outside the door, children arbitrary smashed things, in order to send the old and welcome the new.

In France, on New Year’s Eve, it is not better to keep leftover wine, it is said that leftover wine meaning the coming year is unlucky. Therefore, a lot of people on New Year’s Eve drink got wasted, who open a bottle of wine, and had to drink overturned.

In Greece, on New Year’s Day, a beautiful girl will be elected playing an angel, send New Year’s gifts to the children.

In Portugal, people celebrate the New Year with bullfighting. About 10 days before and after New Year’s Day is the climax period of bullfighting, every main town has a special venue for bullfighting.

Although the New Year’s Day is not a religious holiday, but at New Year’s Eve, each church must held religious service

In the United States, the New Year’s custom comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds, because the United States is a country dominated by foreign immigrants, at New Year’s Eve night, they vividly in various forms to express their joyous mood. Some participate in New Year’s Eve feast, while others flocked to the local public square to participate in public celebrations. The most spectacular, the most lively public celebrations scenes is at Timesquare in New York. New Yorkers and foreign tourists gather in Timesquare, they craned their necks to await imminent over the square lights words “Happy New Year”. The custom of sending New Year gifts to each other in modern American society is gradually disappear, stead this is gift greeting cards, greeting cards, etc…

Open house (a warm reception) custom is a major feature of the American New Year’s customs. They open the door, allowing guests to move free in or out. The open house beginning is the first president, George Washington, and on New Year’s Day 1789, he opened the door of his residence, reception of visitors from all sides. 1800, after the U.S. capital in Washington, the annual New Year’s Day President’s residence – the White House are open to the public.

On the occasion of arrival of New Year, some Westerners especially like color portrait Painted with handheld scythe elderly and chubby little angel, because people believe: in the new year, time for the elderly and the little angel will bring people greater happiness and joy.

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