Merger Happy New Year Songs into one File

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Happy New Year!


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Tomorrow is the first day of 2013, how much songs are you preparing for this special day. If not yet, you can take a look at these 5 new year songs.
Now this article will guide you how to merger this 5 new year songs into one file.
Step 1: Download and install XFlip digital publishing software.
Step 2: Open XFlip software, and import your videos files or image files, here I import the 5 traditional new year songs videos and lyric-images. Drag and drop the files to sort them.
Step 3: Click the “Design” Button on the top menu of the software. Choose a background theme.
Step 4: Then Click the “Advanced Setting” Button on the left menu. Type your website Title and URL under the “Main Settings” submenu. Click the check mark to save.
Step 5: Click “Other Settings”, Check “LOGO” box, inset your LOGO. And don’t forget to click the check mark to save your changes.
Step 6: Click “Publish” Button on the top Menu. Publish as EXE, fill the File Name. Click “Start” to Publish.
You can also see the video tutorial here:

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