Make Happy New Year Greeting Cards eCard with Product Catalogs

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Happy New Year Everyone!

Do you have a online store or a website? Or do you own a blog?

If you have your customers mail list, it is a good way to send greeting ecards for branding your website or sales. Create a greeting card that will make your client think of your business positively.

Follow the below steps to make a happy new year greeting card.

Before start, prepare your greeting card image and your product catalog files. If you are a retailer, you can create a product catalog file; and if you are a wholesaler, you can create a tablet of product inventory information for your dealers; And if you just a blog owner that earn by advertising, you can create a tablet content of archives. Here is one greeting card template:

Step 1: download and install XFlip digital publishing software.

Step 2: Open this XFlip digital catalog software, and import greeting card image and your product info files.

Step 3: Set your company info or website LOGO under “Main Setting” and “Other Settings” menus on the left side of the XFlip software interface (you can know the detail steps from this link: How to Brand your Company in Flipping Book).
And you can also set download function for your greeting card publication under the “Button Settings” Menu.

Step 4: Publish. Publish as HTML, after finish publish, upload it to your website.

Step 5: Email it to your customers. Follow this link to know how to email it:

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