Make a Stunning Christmas E-Card for Your Families and Friends

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Do you find paper Christmas cards look quite interesting, but require great skill and a lot of hard work? In fact, you could take valuable time on shopping or entertaining rather do small or trivial tasks including the rolls of stamps, trips to the mailbox and writer’s cramp. The means of making and sending a Christmas e-card would be favorable to save the expense and share your creativity with friends and family. E-cards have fastly shed their “second class citizen” status.

1. Select a software program. The first choice occurred to you may be Photoshop. But if you aren’t Photoshop savvy, you could also try to find programs formulated specifically to create e-cards. By using the page turning software, you could select and customize your favorite photos to show on your e-card, or choose the desired Christmas template to make a perfect 3D flipping e-card.

2. Customize the e-card from the “Advanced Setting”. If you want to add Christmas music to your card, use MP3 files directly.

3. Finally prepare e-cards for distribution. Check the size of the output file, and determine whether you would like to do a mass mailing using one CC’ed e-mail or send each one individually. Mailing out Christmas e-cards is a good opportunity to express a Christmas greeting to your friends and family for the holidays and upcoming new year.

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