Launch Digital Magazine on Facebook to Enhance Marketing


launch-digital-magazine-sample-on-facebookNo matter what industry you are in, launch digital magazine is a great idea for your marketing. Publish digital magazine means you don’t need any traditional tools, anyone can do it from anywhere, the cost is low. So what are you waiting for? You can create an e magazine about your industry and launch it on Facebook to highlight your business. Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest online population settlements, this will increase the chance of your marketing and business exposure.

How to start digital magazine?

There are so many platforms, both digital magazine software and online publishing service, they all have good service for you to publish online. Such as Adobe Suite and Indesign Magazine Publisher. But if you want to take more cost effective digital publishing software, XFlip is also a good one for your reference.

You can also get start with Issuu, creating magazines, catalogs, and newspapers and other publications online. Issuu is easy to use, and it is free, just upload your PDF, DOC, PPT, RTF, WPD, ODT, it can help you create a clean slate feeling of digital magazine. You can share publication online, embed on WordPress post, Facebook or other webpages, and download for offline reading.

If you want to host your own content, and do some other creative editing such as embedding videos, add dynamic swf files, etc to your magazine pages, some cost effective digital publishing software is alternative for you. A good one for your choice is XFlip, the software can help you create digital newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogues, brochures, books and report from PDF and Office documents with videos, links, image and sound embeddable.

How to launch digital magazine on Facebook?

After create your magazine, you can launch it on Facebook to enhance your marketing. There are also many apps for you to launch your magazine, Tradable Bits is a good one. Just register an account with tradable bites, apply it on your Facebook page, copy the embed code of your magazine to the HTML code blank that Tradable bits provided, publish it on your facebook page. Here is the detailed tutorial show you how to embed digital magazine on Facebook.

You can also take a view on XFlip digital magazine sample on Facebook from here.

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