HTML5 Based Digital Publishing Software


HTML5-digital-publishingIn the rapid development technology community, just printing and distributing a PDF magazine to your readers is not enough. Create online magazine from PDF / Office documents that can be read on different devices would be an effective yet economical way to increase more readers. For people who don’t have any program skills, it is not so easy to create visually appealing online magazines from PDFs, well, some HTML5 based digital publishing software solved this problem.


HTML5 is a browser-based programming language that can make your content more accessible and interactive, with app-like usability and mobile-friendly delivery. The growth of HTML5 is undeniable, and its benefits for markets are clear.
Advantages of HTML5:

  • With HTML5, marketers can deliver content on most platforms such as desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc. at a very much lower cost.
  • HTML5 is browser-based, almost 70% of browsers support this programming language, so HTML5 web apps can be built and run on almost devices.
  • With app-like usability and mobile-friendly delivery, you can create your content more accessible and interactive.

Here is a list of browsers that support this HTML5 web language:










Here is a list of HTML5 publishing solutions:


XFlip is a provider of digital publishing software solutions that transform static PDF / Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) documents into page turning digital publications, and enhance it with interactivity. It can help you create digital publications in  flash for mobile devices.

With this publishing software, you can also customize your own flipbook, such as adjust background colors, change your logos, hidden the navigation buttons and there are controls for zooming. You can also preview the output publications in real-time and do changes if it does not meet your requirements. And other features are included, too.

You can create newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogues, brochures, books and report online in  flash. Once you free download and open this page turning software, you can begin to start your publishing process. The software can create Flash magazines  enriched with images, videos and audio without encoding a user’s audio or video data.

After creating your publication, you need to upload it online, and then copying and pasting the data into your webpage’s source code in the location where you want to display it. You can also get a link of your publication, this will made your publication live on the Internet.
Readers can visit your site from browser of different devices, such as computers, iPad, iPhone, Android phones/tablets, whenever and wherever.

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