How to Convert a PDF File to an eBook Format


It’s an undeniable fact that ebook readers are becoming highly commercialized, but before this happens, the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is always the preferred and popular format for ebooks. A large number of ebook readers now would like to demand the standardized ebook or epublication (ePub) file format. This format is now becoming increasingly popular especially when Apple developed support for this kind of format with the release of the iPad.


If you’re keen to convert your PDF document file to an eBook file so it would do positively contribute to work smoothly and correctly, as an ebook, on your ebook reader or iPad devices, then you could convert the PDF files using a variety of free converters. As far as the limited functions of the freewares, we would like to use some cost-effective softwares like xFlip flip book maker.

Method 1: Navigate to ePub2Go. Choose “Choose File,” and then locate and pick your PDF files that you want to convert. Choose “Open,” and then hit “Upload PDF.” The free website would now serve to turn your PDF into an eBook document, ready for use with ebook readers.

Method 2: It’s highly recommend to use the simple yet easy-to-use xFlip flip book software that allows a few more customization for your converted files. Click here to free download xFlip software and launch it smoothly. Click “Choose File,” then locate and select your PDF file for conversion. Choose the output files as HTML files, and then click “Publish” to start publishing eBook files.

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