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There are more and more people like to read online with the growing number of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, so why limit your audience? Create online digital magazine that works for everyone, no matter what devices they prefer.
The digital subscriptions are growing and more and more people are purchasing devices to read more content online.  It is time for digital reading, create digital publications for your readers is necessary.

Online Publishing tools are growing for website owners, content managers, and publishers, here i suggest one: XFlip digital magazine software.
XFlip software can help you convert your PDF content files not only works in one place, but also the content can be read on many devices such as iPad, iPhone, tablets and other mobile devices. The below, i will provide a scenario to meet your needs and build your audience.
Step 1: Create your content document by using Microsoft Office 2007.
Step 2: Download plug-in “2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF” from Microsoft website:, this plug-in can help you save your Word/Excel/Powerpoint documents as PDF files.
Step 3: Run XFlip software, import the PDF files, click the Page Edit button on the top meun to add audio and video to inrich your content, and you can also set some dynamic effects such as bubble to adorn your content without cover the texts.
Step 4: Click the Design button, choose your favorite background theme, and you can add your company info such as LOGO image, website URL to brand your company from the “Main Setting” sub-menu on the left. You can also set other options such as downloadable, printable for the magazine from the left menu.
Step 5: After finish settings. Just click the Publish button to start creating digital magazine,choose publish as HTML, set the file folder and name options, and don’t forget to fill the “HTML Meta Settings”,(this is SEO friendly). Click “Start” button to continue publishing. After published successfully, you can see the output files from the save path that you setted before.


Step 6: Publish magazine on your website: Upload the whole file folder onto your website. Get the link of the index.html file of magazine. Now your readers can read your digital magazine online through the link.

You can view one sample that create by XFlip digital publishing software from our customer through this link:
Of course, you can also view more samples from our website page:

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