Free Trial Tool to Create Flipping Pages in a Photo Album


The fact remains that some people would like to print photos and add them to physical albums. That’s nice, but wouldn’t it be even better if you’d rather create a wonderful and interactive photo album that anyone could access online, create an album with page-turning effect, what in practice means that you could flip the page like a real book with animation effect.

It’s highly recommended that you could use a standalone software like XFlip digital flipbook software to create your own flipping photo album with page-turning effect. Furthermore, the powerful tool allows to add as many as images to the album and convert the added files to the turn page format.

create-free-online-photo-album-with-xflipsoftThe versatile software available for free with a trial version, could produce albums in HTML, ZIP format file, that you could share the photo album with links or send by emails in order to better view the ebook. You’re also allowed to choose from convenient pre-designed templates for your photo album categorized by particular occasions.

Of greater significance, is that the software also enables you to customize your photos as you like. You’re also allowed to adjust thumbnails and backgrounds to your liking before publishing the file. Just go and try it out for free, then purchase the “Lite,” “Enterprise” or “Pro” version.

All in all, whether you’re going to place a slideshow banner at the top of your website, or build a web album or online photo gallery, this free XFlip online photo album maker is really a powerful and fascinating tool to help you to create an online photo gallery easily.

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