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free-pdf-to-wordWant to edit PDF files, but don’t want to cost more to edit? Well convert PDF to editable Microsoft Word document is a good solution.

Here we list some free PDF to word solutions for your reference.

Convert PDF to Word online tools
There are some websites can allow you convert PDF to Word online, no need to download the programs. Here we list three free online tools:

  • a.  PDF to Word( )pdf-to-word1
    This one just support file under 10Mb, and it will ask for your email address.
    Just need three steps to do: Select PDF file from your PC, type your email address and the confirm code, start convert, after converting, the word file will email you, you can chenk your email box to find your word file.










  • b.  Convert PDF to Word( )pdf-to-word2
    This online tool also ask for your email address, but it has little different from the first one: after converting, the word file can be downloaded automatically to your PC. And you can also download the word file again by the Downlad button on the converted page.
  • c.  Convertonlinefree ( )
    The advantages of this PDF to Word converter: No personal information is requested (you don’t need to type your email address), but it don’t support Files bigger than 30 MB are not accepted.

Free PDF to Word desktop tools
Of course, if you want to convert PDF to Word without internet access, don’t worry, here are two desktop tools for you:

  • d. PDF to Word Tool by, download from CENT ( )pdf-to-word3
    CNET Editors’ review:
    “The program won’t take up much hard-drive space and it can be installed in seconds.
    Free PDF to Word isn’t exciting to look at, but it works like a charm.
    The best part is that it maintains most of the PDF’s design, so you don’t have to spend time putting the layout back together.
    You can make your edits and then export the file back to PDF. It will still have all the colors, images, and graphs it had before your edits.
    This software creates a special folder for the new document, but you can change this before converting.
    That way, you can keep the same file organization and you won’t have to go searching for the converted document.”
  • e. Wondershare PDF to Word Firefox Add-on( )
    Quote: “About this Add-on
    1. Right-click the PDF file you’ve found on the result page of any search engine and then select Convert PDF to Word to convet PDF to Word automatically.
    2. Right-click the PDF that opened in Firefox and select Convert PDF to Word to convert PDF to Word quickly.
    3. Click the icon of Free PDF to Word Converter on the tool bar to convert any PDF opened in Firefox efficiently.
    Wondershare Free PDF to Word Converter is a leading PDF tool that enables users to convert any online PDF to Word document easily and quickly. The original graphics, hyperlinks and images in the PDF are 100% preserved. Besides, the output Word documents are fully compatible with Microsoft Word.
    Note: This app doesn’t seem to support Firefox 4.”

Other solutions:

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