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It is one of the most commercially certain and undeniable fact that however large or small your business is, finding the most expeditious means to display your products will increase your sales and the number of repeat customers. And facts proved that one of the best ways to show your merchandise is through an online product catalog.
Online catalogs with detailed prices and descriptions are absolutely an effective marketing tool that can be contained in current mail-order shipments and can be sent out in many locations with various ways. They offer the advantages of relative ease of creating and can be done with one such simple yet versatile xFlip catalog publishing software that allows for both text and images.

1. Create a first draft or layout on your excel files, and collect all the images of your products that you aim to contain. Upload all the desired images to your computer, or move the ones already on your computer to a folder specifically designed for your online product catalog.

2. Design and customize your product catalog on your Microsoft Word or Excel on your computer by placing and resizing the images and product descriptions until they are in the desired positions. It’s very necessary to review your layout to make sure that you’re in favor of their appearance and eliminate any types.

3. Free download product catalog software and launch the software smoothly, and load the product catalogs to the software by click the “Import Files” button. Design and customize your catalogs files if needed. Next click the “Publish” button to start the publishing process. Finally you could choose to upload the published files to your website to allow customers to download, or you could also choose to distribute them to the customers by sending emails.


Here you may get some samples of E-catalogs at: 

You could download the free Excel product catalog template at:

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