Free Online Flash Annual Report Maker

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It’s generally assumed that reporter online reports could make a good use of newly-advanced technologies such as Flash, javascript and html to make your annual or quarterly report much easier to navigate, faster to load, visually attractive and search engine friendly. They’ll also cut down expenses for budget cut backs as you move to this creative digital medium.

Electronic Annual Report Online

A growing number of charities or enterprises are creating all-digital editions of their annual reports. As a matter of fact, the new digital versions make liberal use of audio, animation, and video rather than long, text-heavy articles. The fact has proved that it provides an effective way to make interactive thinking and communicating with the readers. Here we would learn how to create a digital edition of reports with various multimedia elements.

1. At first, you could create text for your report on MS Office files like PowerPoint, Word, Excel and many more. Or you could turn the report into a portable document format (PDF) file. Identify a popular topic to which you can add value and offer advice or useful information.

2. Select a topic for your report that not only meets a demand or requirement, but that you can provide help, tips and information by adding graphics such as pictures, graphs and other illustrations, so that the reader can use to solve a problem.

3. Use XFlip digital report software to turn the report files into electronic report with the best output effect. What’s more, you could output the wonderful online report in different formats like HTML or ZIP files etc for various purpose.

Here is the sample digital annual report that is created by the easy-to-use XFlip pro software:

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