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Cases are known where newspapers and leaflets are two important types of newsletters, apart from that, newsletters delivered electronically via email (e-Newsletters) have achieved a brilliant popularity for good reason. The fact remains that no printing or mailing costs are covered. Online electronic newsletters could generally be published for only a small percentage of the cost of traditional printed newsletters.


Meanwhile, as e-newsletters could be immediately delivered or distributed to readers all over the world, make these digital publications an ideal choice for communicating and sending timely information to your viewers.

Generally speaking, the greater part of online newsletters is distributed to readers in two ways: through e-mail or through a Web (Internet or intranet) site in HTML document files. Then you would choose a program or tool to create and distribute your electronic newsletter. Websites such as Constant Contact, Icontact and PagesMag can be used to create your own personal digital newsletter. Some of them may only have limited functions. Then we would like to share you with such one powerful XFlip online newsletter publishing software with a free trial of 30 days.

You could first create text for your newsletter on MS Office files. Ideas could contain recent news, upcoming events and motivational articles. To encourage people to read your newsletters you can incorporate contests or interactive quizzes and games.

Import the MS Office files to the easy-to-use XFlip online newsletter software, which is the best software to create your e-newsletter in different formats like HTML or ZIP files etc. and then you could get the detailed tutorial on how to email flipping book for reference.

Digital Newsletter Template

Here are some electronic newsletter template for you to refer:

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