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In the user’s mind, your brochure could speak for itself a lot about your company and services. It could not only help to determine the quality, but also tell us many things. Poor quality brochures, brochure templates, pamphlets or flyers can have disastrous consequences on your business and reputation.

As every businessman can see, brochures, pamphlets and flyers are always the entrance point to your larger marketing efforts. Therefore, it’s very important to create an impressive brochure. And if you want to design a great brochure, you may need to use a graphic designer, a layout and positioning expert, and a copywriter. Of greater significance, is one professional software that could help you to know how to put the final product together and get all of the brochure templates and brochure graphic design files print ready in the right format.

Here you may learn how to make an online brochure including: brochure layout, design and presentation. With its easy-to-use interface, you could create a unique and high quality brochure, pamphlet or promotional flyer tailored exactly to the particular requirements of your business.

1. Free download and install XFlip digital brochure software. Open a new project in your ebrochure program. Create a cover that includes your company name and the title that must be relevant and engaging. If you have graphics, upload each graphic one by one to the front cover and rearrange each graphic to fit around the headline.

2. Open the brochure template right for your project. The versatile software also offers various kinds of templates that make it easy to design and produce e-brochures. You’re also allowed to choose uploading graphics, photos and logos to capture your reader’s interest.

3. Review your information prior to publishing it to the web. Publish your digital brochures and follow the prompts to uploading your brochure to your online website where customers can scan your brochure pages within minutes.

Here are some examples that you could keep for reference:

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