Free Digital Brochures Software to Create Interactive & Dynamic Brochures

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Numerous facts prove that a digital brochure does really provide an effective way to market your products by advertising via email or providing customers with adequate information about products or services upon request. Digital brochures the most cost-effective and efficient methods since that they’re lower in cost than printing and mailing so as to produce or distribute them.

And keep in mind that digital magazine software makes it possible for anyone to create a professional digital brochure easily, the more important is that it could offer you the opportunity to make good use of digital media to promote your products and services with one more efficient manner.

1. Open your favorite publishing software like Microsoft Word, InDesign or Microsoft Publisher. After several trials of the online or offline tools, our company would like to use XFlip digital publishing software to create digital brochures easily.

2. Import the files such as Adobe PDF files, Office document files and Images etc. that you want to display on your published digital publications.

3. Edit your content and resize or modify pictures if necessary. Do some necessary customizing jobs and preview your brochures freely and quickly.


4. After all the settings done, just output and publish the files as HTML format. Upload the HTML file and any images to your web host through a file transfer protocol (FTP) program such as FileZilla or CuteFTP.

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