Digital Magazine Subscription Increased In 2013

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Along with the vast majority of publishers to pay close attention to the future of digital books, it is extremely easy to forget that digital magazines are a totally different format by itself. Don’t be worried, you guys are not forgotten: New figures launched Thursday shows that digital magazines have found more of an audience in the first half of this year.


xFlip digital magazine samples are significant not only for their out-of-scale success within the digital field, but the fact that those figures match up with the combined print-and-digital sales of successful mainstream titles like Design Source, The Magazine, Redbook, Gaming World and Parenting. Generally speaking, the titles that work best in digital format also sell well in print, that’s to say, the two audiences mirror each other at a certain degree.

Despite the fact remains that digital magazine distribution may only make up only a fraction of present overall magazine circulation, as long as the current trends keep going on at their current rate, alternatively, in a worse case scenario, the reduction in print circulation increases, what this means in practice is that it can also increase the importance of the digital magazines if magazines are to survive.

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