Design and Customize Your Own Magazine Cover Freely

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To an outsider it looks deceptively easy, but you’d better put many different thinking in the design of a magazine cover to let us think more but in a versatile way. However, creating a free magazine cover is seemingly simple with the Internet at your fingertips. A photo could be uploaded on to any magazine template with only several clicks.

There are various websites available to help you create your own favorite magazine covers. It may usually take several attempts before finding a suitable website. Yet you may visit xflip website to find the software that allows you to use the publishing program with 30-days free trial.

1. Free download and install magazine publishing software. Follow its instructions on how to create a magazine cover. Uploading a photograph from your pictures folder is typically the first step the program asks you to do.

2. Clicking the “Design” to select a template for a magazine cover comes next. Do some customizing jobs to personalize your own magazine covers.

3. Save your magazine front covers. In the step, you can also choose whether publish or print your magazine front cover. You can have it shared with your friends and families.

The trick about creating your magazine cover is to make it look easy. All you need is a photograph from that fancy digital camera of yours.

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