Creative Photo Card Ideas for New Year


Winter holiday Spring Festival is coming, it always keeps so busy with parties and family gatherings that lots of people would never finish their holiday cards. So why not prepare and send your greeting cards in advance of New Year’s holiday? Photo cards that include a picture or pictures of family members are so commonplace that it is completely unremarkable, and yet it is indeed one easy yet effective way to greatly appreciate your friends and loved ones in the special holiday.

Professional Family Photo
It’s excellent to make one photograph of your toddler dressed for New Year’s Day as the photo. You could wear clothing with rich New Year’s colors like blue or red. There’re also some other kinds of accessories that you could prepare like a New Year’s backdrop, candles, silver jewelry and many more. You’d better choose deep blue, silver and gold as the themed color rather reds and green together which signifies Christmas.

New Year Holiday Card Red White
Multiple Photos
It seems to be too difficult to choose just one photograph for your photo cards if you want to celebrate a year that contains multiple milestones. When it comes down to it, it’s best to pick an online photo card company like Shutterfly. And then upload the desired photographs into the card designs on the website. You’re allowed to customize and design your photo cards online by using the powerful yet easy-to-use XFlip online cards maker until you’re satisfied with your cards.

Multi Photo New Year Collage Card
Personal Messages and Signatures
It’s also wise to add a personal touch of some kind to each greeting card that shows that you care. Generally speaking, those short and WordArt could express your very personal feelings effectively. If applicable, you could make the greeting cards online printable and ask each family member to sign the card. This cordial greeting includes rich blessing, everything beautiful and best could be condensed into this stunning card.

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