Create Wedding Digital Photo Album at Your Big Day

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It is an excellent idea to make your own digital wedding photos if you would like to save the expense on your wedding album while still getting your wedding images of exceptional quality. As a matter of fact, you’re able to use online wedding albums and digital designs to create a wonderful wedding photo gallery for the digital age.

Wedding Photo Album

You could keep these photographs, bits and pieces from the day of your wedding safe in order to relive the memories and serves as a great project for you and your spouse, or share them with your friends and guests from far away to watch.

1. You have to decide whether to create a digital wedding album yourself or your photographer. You’d better design it yourself if you have a little of time and thought, which shall cut down the costs and could be really fun if you enjoy graphic design work.

2. Consult with your photographer and learn how to design your digital wedding album template. And then you could find some online wedding album software or desktop software. You can use basic software like Adobe Photoshop augmented with templates.

3. Collect and extra digital pictures you may want to contain in the digital album. Assemble the images and graphics using the XFlip flash book maker software you have bought or send the photographer instructions on which elements you wish to apply.

4. Preview the online photo gallery before finally publish them to the flipping pages. Set up an online site for showing your digital wedding album to those who want to see it. Or you can also burn them to CD/DVD for your friends and guests!

Here you may get the sample of digital wedding photo album:

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