Create an Online Magazine Easily with XFlip Software

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Online e-magazine sampleCreating an online magazine is a good way to attract new readers and advertisers to maximize revenue opportunities. And with XFlip digital publishing software, create an online magazine is not an exhausting job. Follow the few simple steps to create an online magazine to increase your chances of success.

1. Download XFlip Pro 2.0.0 (Download from this page:, follow the on-screen prompts from the installation wizard to set up the software.
2. Run XFlip Pro,  click “Import Files” Menu to import your files, you can import PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, SWF and Video files.
Then you can edit your magazine, just click “Design” button, in this interface, you can add Text, Images, SWF, Video, Sound(Music), YouTube Video and Hotspot for page.
3. Design Template.  Just click “Setting” button on the top menu, you can set your own template for your magazine. Such as your company info, Bookmark, Tablet of content, navigation and other details.
For example, you can set background on Advanced Setting window. There are three ways available:
a. From the 1st option, you can select single color, or mix another color by ticking the check before 2nd color check. By 3rd check, you also can choose the way how color gradual change, there’re 3 selections for you : Radial, Linear-h and Linear-v.
b. From the 2nd single option, you can embed static or dynamic colorful background which added fun and good look to your flipbook.
You can change transparency of background from here:
You can also set Google Analytics code for your magazine, just type your Google Analytics UA in the blank. This will let you know where your traffic is coming from and total number of visitors, how long readers spend reading your magazine. That will give a way for you to make rapid and accurate marketing decisions.
4. Publish. For online users, you can publish as HTML or SWF format.
Publish as HTML format for PC users and Mobile user to view the output publication online.
Publish as standalone SWF format for users to upload easily, this will save you a great deal of trouble on uploading many files (SWF is strongly recommended when website can only accept uploading standalone file).
And it is also easy for sharing online, just get the link of SWF, your publicaiton can be shared anywhere with a network connection, broader enhance brand yourself or your products.

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