Create a Flip Book Animation for Kids Online

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It’s generally assumed that an animated flipbook is one method of creating your own simple cartoon or animated book. Animations flip books are really a primitive form of animation and they rely on the illusion of motion that the continuous succession of images creates.

Flipbook Animation

There’re several types of flipping books for your choice. One most popular type of flipbooks is the one that acts like a normal and real book but it could also be controlled with your cursor. These flipping pages could be created with online tools that are available on many websites.

Here we just list several best animation flip books:

1. As we all know that Donald Duck and Tarzan flip book is one successful “Action Movie”, which is created by the Walt Disney Company with two sides and two stories, but no words. “Action Movie” is considered a classic.

2. Another famous flipbooks created by Collins is “Donald and Pluto“, which is a large volume consisting of five flip books, with more than 2,000 pictures, printed on both sides.

3. “Hollywood Cartoons” is thought to be the “Golden Age” of cartooning that has three little flip books which would provide the reader with illustrations of the different types of animation.

If you want to create your own animated flipping books, you could use some tool like XFlip flash flip book maker to create and design your desired animated flipbooks online for kids with page-flipping effect.

Generally speaking, flipbooks could be extremely complex or very simple. If you’re eager to create a flipbook online with children, you will create a simple animated picture using as many pages as you like. The whole creating process is really very fun and innovative.

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