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What is an Ebook?
An Ebook (also called as electronic book, e-book, digital book, or even e-edition), is a publication consisting of text and images and readable on your computer,  tablets,  smart phones or special ebook readers.

E-book Formats:
If you want your e-book to be readable on different devices, you can publish it in multiple formats, such as: MOBI, EPUB, HTML, PDF, EXE, even SWF. One of the most popular modes is that publish E-book into SEO friendly HTML format, allowing readers can read online by flipping pages from one to another. Within Word, you can save your file in .doc, and .pdf, formats; afterward, you can use other ebook publishing software to convert the files into whatever other ebook formats you need.

Create E-book in Word:
Create a new word document, firstly, you can design a basic layout and save it as a Word template if you intend to make multiple digital books. If you just make one book, you can type your content directly.
You can set title pages, add page headers and footers, create tablet of contents. After all designs done, you can save your file. Now you can open your book in Microsoft Word. Just click save as -> Save as PDF, a .pdf file of your book will be created.

Convert Word to Ebook:
If you want your readers can read your ebook online, you can publish your E-book in HTML format with SEO friendly by using XFlip e publishing software, it can help you convert word to ebook in different formats. In HTML format, your ebook can be easily shared with thousand of readers by a link.
Of course, to make your e-edition have higher security, you can publish your ebook in EXE format, XFlip software can also help you convert word to EXE with password protected.

View Ebook Sample Created by XFlip Software:

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