Christmas Went into China’s Large Cities to Become Pop Culture

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Christmas is a public holiday at lot of western countries, and of course, Christmas is also typically the largest annual economic stimulus in these countries. Sales will be dramatic growth in almost all retail areas, such as people purchase Christmas gifts, decorations, party supply ready for guests.

Some stores took this opportunity to launch new products at high prices, and consumers take this time to buy some discounted items. Retail industry in the United States, the Christmas shopping season is extended to began Thanksgiving Day to Good Friday Day. Many businesses sell out their backlog of products by Christmas and New Year discounts, and the economic impact of this phenomenon will continue until after the holiday.

Now this phenomenon is also extends to China, at China’s larger cities, you will find that in front of most shopping malls, stand a brightly colorful Christmas tree, acting as a photo background for hundreds of thousands of couples and many families every day.

“Let’s Play Light up” – also become a slogan for some commercial street to attract custoners during Christmas shopping season.

Traditionally, this Christian holiday in China is insignificant. But in some big cities of China, Christmas has become an intrinsic part of popular culture, as residents of large cities willing to imitate Western lifestyles. Shopping malls and hotels erected a Christmas tree in the lobby, and allow employees to wear red and white hat. Santa Claus related accessories hanging on the restaurant windows, and radio station playing the song “Jingle Bells.” The lovers also celebrate Christmas as a valentine’s day, dating filled with Western ambience.

Purely from the surface, China’s Christmas is no different with Europe’s. After all the decorations are the same, and most come from the factories in China. It is reported that 90% of the global sales of plastic Christmas trees are made in China. In the world market of Christmas tree decorations and lanterns, China also has a large market share, let alone Christmas toys and clothing.

So, the monthes around Christmas: October, November, December, January, are busy season of the export trade of China, especially December, shopping frenzy reach the top, China’s retailers are busiest at this month, also gain the most. This phenomenon is more obvious in China’s major cities.
However, Christmas is not just popular culture and foreign folk for all the Chinese people. China has tens of millions of Christians, and the number is increasing.

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