Celebrate Chinese New Year with Anecdotes to Reserve Unforgettable Memory

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Each year thousands of people all over the world celebrated this special day which is considered to be the most significant of ancient Chinese holidays, and somewhere the whole city was illuminated in celebration of the significant day. Right! The concept of celebrating Chinese New Year has rooted deeply in people’s mind. Meanwhile, the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration includes many traditional feasts, decorations, and symbolism relating to the history of the holiday and the desire for good luck in the New Year.

1. People brush off the dust and wipe away the dirt of the old year from the floors to make way for the new year.

2. You could get a head start in decoration the house by getting up early for New Year in the traditional Chinese colors of wealth and good fortune: brilliant shades of red and gold.

3. You may fill your house with flowers and blooming plants. They represent in high relief rebirth and new growth, and they ensure wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

4. You could make a phone call for a traditional New Year’s Day dinner and reserve a table at a Chinese restaurant – either to eat on the spot or to bring home and serve at your own party.

5. You may cook your own luck-drawing dishes. A great delicacy like oysters, which has the special meaning of good fortune and success, while five-flavored fish symbolizes surplus, and lettuce, representing wealth, riches and prosperity.

Some people regard the reunion dinner and visiting relatives and close friends during the New Year as core values, without which it would lose much of its significance. After that day, people begin to visit friends and relatives and exchange presents.

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