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Launch Digital Magazine on Facebook to Enhance Marketing

No matter what industry you are in, launch digital magazine is a great idea for your marketing. Publish digital magazine means you don’t need any traditional tools, anyone can do it from anywhere, the cost is low. So what are you waiting for? You can create an e magazine about your industry and launch it […]

New Year Customs in Different Countries

2013 Lunar New Year is coming, we are used to blessing our families and friends. In the area we serve, there are different customs to celebrate New Year, so that people can have fun and enjoy the festival. Because the various countries locate the longitude positions are different, the various countries’ time is also different, […]

Make Happy New Year Greeting Cards eCard with Product Catalogs

Happy New Year Everyone! Do you have a online store or a website? Or do you own a blog? If you have your customers mail list, it is a good way to send greeting ecards for branding your website or sales. Create a greeting card that will make your client think of your business positively. […]

5 Traditional New Year Songs for New Year’s Eve

When the clock strikes midnite on New Year’s Eve, sing New Years Song with family and friends to remember the good memories is always a traditional celebrate way for us. Which songs are you singing? The following 5 New Year Songs are good for New Year’s Eve. 1. Auld Lang Syne – This New Year […]

Christmas Went into China’s Large Cities to Become Pop Culture

Christmas is a public holiday at lot of western countries, and of course, Christmas is also typically the largest annual economic stimulus in these countries. Sales will be dramatic growth in almost all retail areas, such as people purchase Christmas gifts, decorations, party supply ready for guests. Some stores took this opportunity to launch new […]

XFlip Will Release HTML5 Digital Publishing Software

Well, good news from XFlip software development engineer, XFlip will achieve the capabilities of Flash with HTML5, now the new version of XFlip still has some bugs, and need to constantly test to solve these problems. XFlip as a leading provider of digital publishing software, taking PDF newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogues, brochures, books and report […]

How to convert PDF Magazine to Read on Double Page on iPad

Do you have problems when you read PDF magazine on your iPad. Well, someone said that he has a few PDF magazines, he can read them on double page, but when load on iPad, just can view in single page, he want to read these magazines on double pages on his iPad, what should he […]

Create 3D Christmas Gallery with Page Flip Effect As Xmas Gifts for Friends and Families

Want to give friends or family members a special Christmas gift? How about create a 3D Christmas gallery from his/her favorite photos with Christmas theme and music, or make a Christmas flipbook with greeting cards? Now Follow me to create a 3D Christmas gallery by XFlip page flip software. First, make sure you have all of your photos and images available and ready for use. And make sure you have installed the XFlip software, if not, you can download XFlip here and install it. Second, double click the XFlip ico on your desktop after install the software, and then import all of your photos, after all photos imported, you can see all of your images are at the bottom of the working area. At this, you can drag the photos to sort. Thridly, Click the Setting button on the top menu, Set a backgound theme for your gallery.  Setting -> Advanced -> Background. And then click the Music button on the top of the interface to set Christmas background song. Finally, publish it to finish your page flip Christmas Gallery. After finish, you can email it to your friends or family members. Know more about how to email to others from here: […]