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Free Trial Tool to Create Flipping Pages in a Photo Album

The fact remains that some people would like to print photos and add them to physical albums. That’s nice, but wouldn’t it be even better if you’d rather create a wonderful and interactive photo album that anyone could access online, create an album with page-turning effect, what in practice means that you could flip the […]

Free Digital Brochures Software to Create Interactive & Dynamic Brochures

Numerous facts prove that a digital brochure does really provide an effective way to market your products by advertising via email or providing customers with adequate information about products or services upon request. Digital brochures the most cost-effective and efficient methods since that they’re lower in cost than printing and mailing so as to produce […]

Tutorial to Create Your Own E-Book in an Excellent Way

There is no denying the fact that E-books have gained in wide popularity for readers and writers alike, it’s chiefly due to its convenience for both sides. In other words, rather than going to the library or waiting for postal delivery of a book ordered online, an increasing number of readers now prefer to purchase […]

How to Convert a PDF File to an eBook Format

It’s an undeniable fact that ebook readers are becoming highly commercialized, but before this happens, the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is always the preferred and popular format for ebooks. A large number of ebook readers now would like to demand the standardized ebook or epublication (ePub) file format. This format is now becoming increasingly […]

Make a Stunning Flip Page Brochure or Catalog for Your Company

In terms of catalogues or brochures, the extraordinary thing is that flipping page brochures could always be made by using free templates available on your desktop computer or using online tools. And just remember that xFlip provider just like other design principle simply offer users a gallery of ready-to-use templates. Some programs have already offerred […]

Digital Magazine Subscription Increased In 2013

Along with the vast majority of publishers to pay close attention to the future of digital books, it is extremely easy to forget that digital magazines are a totally different format by itself. Don’t be worried, you guys are not forgotten: New figures launched Thursday shows that digital magazines have found more of an audience […]

How Does eBooks Work

Definition The word e-book had its beginning usually as writing simply for “electronic book.” And that is what e-books are: a book-length publication in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, and produced on, distributed through, and readable on computers or other electronic devices, rather than being printed and bound as traditional books are. […]

Free Online Product e-Catalogs Maker

It is one of the most commercially certain and undeniable fact that however large or small your business is, finding the most expeditious means to display your products will increase your sales and the number of repeat customers. And facts proved that one of the best ways to show your merchandise is through an online […]

3 Simple Steps to Select the Correct Digital Publishing Formats

Which of the format is the best digital publishing format? Theoretically, the ideal digital publishing format for your digital magazine is the one that serves your purpose best. Therefore, before committing yourself to a course of selecting one, it is most necessary to spend time on research to give you much more leverage to create […]

Top Free PDF Flash Page Flip Tools

Are you always searching for some free or cost-effective tools to convert PDF files to flash page flip in a more attractive and smooth format? Meanwhile, in some instances the flash file may compress and become smaller in size compared to the PDF files, especially in the case of a very large and long PDF […]

Create a e-Magazine in DVD Format for Offline View

What is present to most people that making an online magazine is a rewarding and problematic job. This is true to a point. The simplest part in making a magazine in DVD format is burning the completed, digital files on DVD. But you still need to do something else to make the process easier. In […]

Read and View Teen Magazines Online

It is widely acknowledged that reading magazines online provides a green solution to the standard of printing millions of magazines on paper. You may also find that there are the most teen-oriented magazines operate websites, with the overwhelming majority offering free online content. Teen magazines should be geared to the needs of teenage girls such […]

Create a Shockwave Standalone SWF Movie Easily

Some people consider that shockwave standalone movies are one of the easy and fun movies to create. As a matter of fact anything can be made of them, and the unique constraint is only as high as your imagination. You can create vector images and animations for websites with an interface similar to other Adobe […]

XFlip Released Digital Publishing Software Version 2.0.0

January 31, 2013 — ShenZhen, China, January. 31, 2013.  XFlip, developer of digital publishing software that transform static PDF /Office documents into page turning digital publications and enhance it with interactivity, announced the release of XFlip version  2.0.0, this softeare is available now! XFlip is also a powerful flip digital magazine software with lots of […]

Create and Decorate Digital Scrapbook Magazine Easily

When it comes to digital scrapbooking, perhaps you immediately think of using a computer and digital photo creating software to create digital scrapbook pages or even magazines. You can print these pages or save them online, and share them with friends and family members. Furthermore, creating your scrapbook magazines on a computer with xFlip digital […]

Benefits of Creating HTML5 Files

Technology in the world of computers comes and goes and the only constant is change. The programmer, then, should bear in mind that consistency doesn’t imply rigidity, especially where specifications for hardware, software and programming languages evolve and expand quickly in response to support an entire publishing industry. HTML, the language that powers the web […]

Create and Design an Online Magazine for Kids

Independent magazines come and go, but the online magazine is always popular. Progressing Internet and the availability of desktop publishing software make it easy for almost anyone to make and publish a flash magazine. The fact remains that magazines mainly aimed at kids have been traditionally selling like hot cakes. Therefore, it’s critical to find […]

How to Increase Magazine Subscriptions Schemes

Magazines now make it possible to find and gather information about any subject that a reader can think of within a few minutes, ranging from scrapbooking to golf. For many readers, advanced booking their favorite magazines is essential to avoid missing an issue. For advertisers to be truly creative and considerate, the rate of subscription […]

Design and Customize Your Own Magazine Cover Freely

To an outsider it looks deceptively easy, but you’d better put many different thinking in the design of a magazine cover to let us think more but in a versatile way. However, creating a free magazine cover is seemingly simple with the Internet at your fingertips. A photo could be uploaded on to any magazine […]

Create and Print Happy New Year’s Greeting Cards 2013

The New Year is the time for family reunion and also a time to send greeting cards. And you could barely imagine before that making and printing your own New Year’s greeting cards is a simple afternoon craft you can put this task through on your laptop. Sending your friends and family members a homemade […]

Celebrate Chinese New Year with Anecdotes to Reserve Unforgettable Memory

Each year thousands of people all over the world celebrated this special day which is considered to be the most significant of ancient Chinese holidays, and somewhere the whole city was illuminated in celebration of the significant day. Right! The concept of celebrating Chinese New Year has rooted deeply in people’s mind. Meanwhile, the 15-day […]

New Year Customs in Different Countries

2013 Lunar New Year is coming, we are used to blessing our families and friends. In the area we serve, there are different customs to celebrate New Year, so that people can have fun and enjoy the festival. Because the various countries locate the longitude positions are different, the various countries’ time is also different, […]

Creative and Funny Gifts Ideas for Christmas

The Christmas holiday is generally accompanied by extravagant foods, lush decorations, and heaps of gifts. While the cost of the gifts is rapidly escalated, and the potential “pay-off” for Christmas decorations was diminishing. So it’s necessary to find a way to salvage your bank account. However, you decide to buy gifts for reducing holiday costs […]

Christmas Went into China’s Large Cities to Become Pop Culture

Christmas is a public holiday at lot of western countries, and of course, Christmas is also typically the largest annual economic stimulus in these countries. Sales will be dramatic growth in almost all retail areas, such as people purchase Christmas gifts, decorations, party supply ready for guests. Some stores took this opportunity to launch new […]

Design Online Business Christmas Cards for Your Sincere Customers

Nothing could be better than send online customized business Christmas cards for your clients if you are expected to reconnect with past clients and reach out to new ones. For companies, well-designed Christmas cards can be also used as business cards, which could not only give your customers and clients’ memory a jog about the […]