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Add Downloadable E-brochure in Website

If you want to target your market and audience, an e-brochure of your company or special product is necessary. Online E-brochure is the leaflet of your products to help you in communicating with global audience, and the volume of distribution is unlimited. If you create a downloadable e brochure, this will be more effective to keep your […]

How to Increase Magazine Subscriptions Schemes

Magazines now make it possible to find and gather information about any subject that a reader can think of within a few minutes, ranging from scrapbooking to golf. For many readers, advanced booking their favorite magazines is essential to avoid missing an issue. For advertisers to be truly creative and considerate, the rate of subscription […]

Design and Customize Your Own Magazine Cover Freely

To an outsider it looks deceptively easy, but you’d better put many different thinking in the design of a magazine cover to let us think more but in a versatile way. However, creating a free magazine cover is seemingly simple with the Internet at your fingertips. A photo could be uploaded on to any magazine […]

Good Way to Create Online Digital Magazine

There are more and more people like to read online with the growing number of smartphones, tablets, and eReaders, so why limit your audience? Create online digital magazine that works for everyone, no matter what devices they prefer. The digital subscriptions are growing and more and more people are purchasing devices to read more content […]

Create and Print Happy New Year’s Greeting Cards 2013

The New Year is the time for family reunion and also a time to send greeting cards. And you could barely imagine before that making and printing your own New Year’s greeting cards is a simple afternoon craft you can put this task through on your laptop. Sending your friends and family members a homemade […]

What is E-Publishing, Advantages and Disadvantages?

E-Publishing, also called as Electronic Publishing or digital publishing, referring to a type of publishing that does not include printed books. E-publishing has become more and more common to distribute books, magazines, and newspapers to consumers through tablet reading devices. And electronic publications not only distributed via Internet such as online publishing or web publishing when in […]

Merger Happy New Year Songs into one File

Happy New Year! Related blog: Tomorrow is the first day of 2013, how much songs are you preparing for this special day. If not yet, you can take a look at these 5 new year songs. Now this article will guide you how to merger this 5 new year songs into one file. Step […]

Make Happy New Year Greeting Cards eCard with Product Catalogs

Happy New Year Everyone! Do you have a online store or a website? Or do you own a blog? If you have your customers mail list, it is a good way to send greeting ecards for branding your website or sales. Create a greeting card that will make your client think of your business positively. […]

Design Online Business Christmas Cards for Your Sincere Customers

Nothing could be better than send online customized business Christmas cards for your clients if you are expected to reconnect with past clients and reach out to new ones. For companies, well-designed Christmas cards can be also used as business cards, which could not only give your customers and clients’ memory a jog about the […]

XFlip Will Release HTML5 Digital Publishing Software

Well, good news from XFlip software development engineer, XFlip will achieve the capabilities of Flash with HTML5, now the new version of XFlip still has some bugs, and need to constantly test to solve these problems. XFlip as a leading provider of digital publishing software, taking PDF newspapers, magazines, journals, catalogues, brochures, books and report […]

How to convert PDF Magazine to Read on Double Page on iPad

Do you have problems when you read PDF magazine on your iPad. Well, someone said that he has a few PDF magazines, he can read them on double page, but when load on iPad, just can view in single page, he want to read these magazines on double pages on his iPad, what should he […]