Best Tool to Create Free Shopping Catalogs by Mail

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When it comes to a mail order catalogue, it generally refers to those publications that contain a list of general merchandise from a company. Cataloguers buy or manufacture goods then market those goods through a variety of means such as a postal service or by mail to prospects or prospective customers.

Shopping Catalogue Book Online

Are you always searching for some free mail order catalogs available for your customers’ shopping needs such as clothing, crafts, gifts, gardening, cooking, gardening supplies and many more? The fact has proved that the results obtained are convenient for various levels of users to use and is practical.

And if that be so, you may find some tools to help you to easily and quickly create a stunning page-flipping online shopping catalogs or card from PDF within minutes. What’s more, you could use the XFlip online catalog software to insert Flashes, Videos, Audios, links and Image Slideshow with pages, show your ads, product tutorial and many more.

You’re allowed to display your created digital catalog to your fans and clients in the output files like HTML, Standalone SWF, ZIP, EXE, APP, CD/DVD, Mobile version etc. With the powerful software, you may find that it’s much easier to transform the product list into a flash catalog to show it online freely.

Then your customers could easily use online catalogs to shop directly from the virtual pages of your current catalogs by clicking on the images. Your clients will experience the visual appeal of your paper catalog with the simplicity of one-stop online shopping. Just easily upload the stunning catalogs that have versatile, functional and fashionable feature styles to FaceBook, Twitter, Google and many more!

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